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The Saturdays Challenge
Day 04: Favorite Sats Photoshoot

Glamoholic Magazine' (2013)

the saturdays + calendar shoots

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So, I finally hit 1k followers! I’ve been waiting to hit 1k for quite a long time now haha and so here is my follow forever :) bolded = faves

#’s; 50-shades-of-frollie

abcd; a-very-professional-fangirlbadgirlresumebckintime, chasingthesatscloser2theclouds, djblowmymind

edfgh; frankiebridgeismysunshine, frankieger, frankiehelps, frankiesorg, frolliefrolliehumesfrolliepleasehappen, fyeathesaturdaysheadlines-. hellyeahthesaturdays,

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wxyz; w-ordshaker

okay that’s actually not a lot of blogs but I only follow Sats blog that actually update haha but yeah, here’s my follow forever! :)

thanks so much 1,000 followers <3

The Saturdays - Greatest Hits Medley (Tumble - 23rd August 2014)


The Saturdays - What About Us (Live) #MUZUTV 2014