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We just gotta keep on, doing what we do, like nobody else does it. Living For The Weekend Saturdays.

Rochelle presenting This Morning

Faster by The Saturdays
On Your Radar
88 Plays
You are the only one
Who makes my heart beat faster

"To my four bezzies Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle and Vanessa – look at how far we have come. I am so lucky to be sharing my dreams with you girls. You are not just colleagues, you are such good friends to me and you made me feel so welcome from the beginning moving over from Ireland, I never felt like the odd one out. I never want this journey to end."

  Una Foden

I Can't Wait by The Saturdays
Forever Is Over - Single
126 Plays
I finally see through cracks in your disguise
Set Me Off by The Saturdays
Chasing Lights
106 Plays
Everything all in baby play, fair

Congrats Wankie!

I: Who have you seen that has disappointed you, like that’s Justin Bieber?

Una talking about her kiss with Justin Bieber on Fashion Police.